Friday, February 4, 2011

Husband N Wife

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Part 1: Down at the great pyramid

There we were, at the last step of the amazing race- the only difference being that we wanted to succeed in it together. It was a moment for which we have yearned for long, yet at the verge of it, we didn't wanted to go through with it.

It was at that instant that those past memories- happy, sad or mixed intertwined in most unexpected disproportions flashed back in front of our eyes. Totally amazed by the over bubbling emotions, some eyes moistened and some memories rolled down the cheeks at that moment. Well life’s a complicated mélange of emotions and there we had them all.

Parting resolutions to stay in touch forever, rendezvous time and again, could only pacify a little the increasingly sinking feeling. Some of us were really scared; some excited looking forward to a new life and a few like me were resisting the thought of change that was about to visit them in their lives.

Sometimes we just can’t give reasons that won’t sound like excuses but those reflect sometimes the truth of life and I believe that those moments in our lives will remain trapped as treasured memories.

(dedicated to our time together fellas)

Part 2: Kashmir (soon)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some great Music sites I came to know about

These are all perfectly legal :


great site to find similar artist and believe me their engine works good. Though u cant just point out a song and play it, still there are some songs whose little parts u can hear.
U can also look out the events near to ur area(concert/music fests etc) and call discuss with ppl about it. I am
scrobbling: wat ever u listen .. gets taken into consideration and u are recommended on basis of that also.

2. Deezer
Just write the name of song and most probably it will pop up!! U can make ur playlist for later use. But at times(though rarely), they are removed from deezer.
Drawbacks :radio not good as

same as deezer, some friend of mine told me that its actually better than deezer in terms of holding its contents for longer time.

I find it better than Deezer and jewa. organized in a better way, still young and evolving

Friday, December 11, 2009

hi again

its been about 4 months again that i scribbled something on my blog... rather didnt opened it ..

today by chance ... i clicked the bookmarked icon .. and wroooom... m on my blog...

to my surprise... my blog has been made the display board of chinese advertising ...
lots of comments .. but all meaningless (to me) .. and after a little google translating i found that ... they were all referring to some porn sites...

So here it is ... the comments are moderated now!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

creepy stuff again

its cold and I hate myself
for i hoped for a warmer winter
as hope, I usually hope
turn against the hope hopen

i heard people shout,
Green house effect
green house effect
Where are thou? Are you afraid

Use CFC's a lot
burn the hole
make some slots
petrol, gasoline may also help
CO2; NO2; SO2 .. clean the ozone scalp

let the sun-UV come
let the warmth spread
if the icebers melts, if the water rise!!
you cant help .. so stare and stare

you can make some noise
but why should we?
i think
We have a lot of choice

you need to listen to me
its not that i can harm you any...
but you dont want another of this
to play with, and pamper your wits...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A visit to Black Forest!!

Date : Aôut 24, 2009

Nous avons visité La Forêt-Noire en Allemagne. on est allé aux trois villes : Le Frieburg , La Titisee et Le triburg . Nous nous sommes rencontrés près le place de l'Etoile.on a pris un bus. c'était un voyage particuliare pour les etudients de n+i.

En premiere, on est allé à Freiburg.C'est une ville allemande, située dans le land de Bade-Wurtemberg. Nous sommes arrivés le Freiburg à 10h 00. Il y avait pleins des visiteurs dans la ville, même si Il n’y avait pas de monuments tres connus ou des beaux lieux dans la ville. Par contre, cette ville est tres proche de la Forêt Noire. Si, vous visiterez Forêt Noire et passez vers la ville Frieburg, vous pouvez acheter des choses à manger.Enfait, Il y a beaucoup de super-marches, des restaurants où vous pouvez manger ou acheter pour votre voyage. Aussi nous avons visité la ville centre. La seule monument connu dans la ville est La Cathedral Freiburg Münster. C’est une monument de la moyen-âge.

Vers midi, nous nous sommes retrouvés près de la centre ville. Ensuite nous nous sommes allés à Titisee. C'est une très belle ville .Ce n'est pas très grand. Il y a un beau lac à cote de la forêt. Aussi la ville est très connu pour les glaces et les gâteaux de Forêt Noire. Nous les avons gôuté. C'était très delicieux. Si, vous visitez La Titisee, vous pouvez faire un tour sûr la bateau. N’oubliez pas de manger des plâtes typique et surtout les desserts.

En fin, à 15h00 Nous sommes partis de Titisee. Nous sommes arrivés à Treiburg à 3h30. Il y a une cascade dans la ville mais je pense, personne n'a visité ce lac.. La ville est connu pour les horloges “Coucou”.

Vers 19h00, nous sommes arrivés à Strasbourg. Pendant le voyage, nous sommes nous amusés du vue de fenêtre. C'était un bon voyage.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The speaking ones!!

not hostile but unaware
passing smiles through the vibrance of air
certainly they portray a sense of care
I couldn't help, but stare and stare

they were pleading for a cause
I couldn't help but think
Just didn't knew
Why not even an involuntary blink??

The quest is to figure the cause out
Can it rain??
in this hour of drought!!
Can that Pill?
Work, Take my pain

Speculations and guesses
buzzed my mind
I like them sad
smiling or even merciless

perfection cant be bestowed
in a better form than this
admirably voluble yet reticent
motionless yet anime!!

bewildered, I would like them to see once
to be themselves,
More I spy, I come to see
the unreal market and the shopping spree

Let spill it out!!
will you please ??
who are u... who u want to be
please be silent
shut the speech!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Just a casual hand !


An empty ground
but full of deafening sound
A viscous fluid vessel
stirring itself round

Like a wrestlers ring
pain, which only brings
stretches like a rope
erasing all the vested hope

just an empty bowl
whose purpose was never to howl
a ball of cork
crashing against the old rock

the horn of the cars
creating only new scars
like the life of goat
butchered in every thought

like a coffin of wood
as beautiful as it could
aches the heart
of anyone any smart

the latitude of earth
the harshness of sun
the smiling pun
are all sweeter than this

it killed my hope
now I could only dope
just having the pill
O Devil, just stand still!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


fuming the thoughts to ashes!!
arrived my latest thought
'ts been a mystic voyage..
through the paradoxical cloud!!

Was it real or was it sad??
could anyone decide!!
had they known the fact!!

felt like being in the other mirror
a tangent universe, in the pressure to swell out
become the chord, occupy the emptiness
was it hallucination??
or it's just the begining of anachronism!!

the smoke was never so clear
the water was never so transparent
the ice never so gentle
how more mysterious it can get
was i dreaming or it was total mosfet!!

my desires have been exaggerated for ever
but why a sudden surge .. to appease them all
sensed my senses, the begining of senses been numbed
comatic mind, could not hold for anymore!!

As i woke up from my warped sleep
i could sense a gush of knowledge
few things are meant to be clear
and even fewer serve the sentence of time

i just knew, no one knows the it!!
the it, if it ever becomes evident
will raise questions, about the truth

the truth, unaware of the (self)opinion
will always strangle between the
threads of realism and ideology

noumena and phenomenon, though unaccounted
are the two rolling wheels
balancing and tilting, ephimerely
end of trip is always evident
though the time emerges to be the winner.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

War against the time!!

Here I am !!
on the road again!! \m/

In my quest to shine,
I tried and succeeded, tore the page
but knew, burning the book
makes me a better savage!!

Perfect revenge!! it feels to me,
to opportunities that spring on my face!!

Conspiring against the clock,
believe me, isn't easy
every time I tried!!
Webs of memory, haunted the good old me!!

Suggested someone, let’s try a hand of wine
but it only helped the pain grow wild in mine!!

Avenging the time,
stings back many a times
but, satisfaction of victory, that I taste
though not often, but enough for the disgrace!!
And here I come!! back in the Race!!

(ahh happy independence day)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

blog goes dark!! wait for me!!

I once thought, i will never wrote again on this blog but guess what learning french binds me in love with english!! so guess wat .. m back... just a little creepy for the New Begining!! As you all know .... Its a new begining every time!!

I know, its dark!!

drank my soul the last brink of sanguine fluid!!
still it was sober, it wanted more
to experience the thought,
the thought of leaving no thoughts alive!!
Soul pleaded the devil
Let me free, from shackles of optimism
O'satan, bestow the kind shade
of evil, soaked in red flood
blood me with anger and agony
apathy and disharmony, i will rain myself
letme host the unborn, lemme kill the wood!!
come O'dark apocalyptic aura
tout les maux, bienvenue
party in graveyard grace!!
behold the cruel ones, till i show my face!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Untitled (not korn wise)


Sprouting desires of my mind
I am yet to figure'em out
I have longed long to think
what really makes them proud

Painted I struggle in thoughtless parables
to stand the pressing shackles
only thrust being my faithless aim
I continue my journey to pine
to see just one reason to shine

ashamed belligerence of my heart
battles the whim of bizarre mind
should my earthen soul pain?
should my eyes rain? should the tears drain?

living my dream may be easy
but looking for a dream to dream
tires me, I hence decide
dream of other is what i'll stole
not for myself, but for their smile!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dell Studio 15 Review

My review of Dell Studio 15

SPecs :)

Base config in india with following modifications...
1.ATI Card 3450 256 MB dedicated Memory - dont know if its DDR3!! anyone?
2.Backlit Keyboard and it rocks
3.One year complete cover

Some things that were shipped with it include: - Bluetooth headset, Creative noise Isolation earbuds, A Remote, A USB modem(I actually didnt payed for modem but it only costs Rs. 522)

weight - 2.85 KG on my home weighing scale..:P

How much i paid - Rs. 50K - including evrything ,shipping too
And if u include the backpack too ..then add 1.1k (didnt bought from dell)

Now here goes the review

The color i got(Ruby Red) was litter harsher than shown in pics at the site.... a bit dark ... but i still like it .. Color annd finish are of very good quality and it dont seemed to be scratched easily...(i havnt tried yet too :P) It is as wider as a common 15.4' laptop is ... but a bit thicker... Its a bit inclined(not much though) but surely adding to ergnomics of working at keyboard...

There has been a HP like finish on palmrest that flaunts a design on graphite grey background.

Some good ports are being bundled and this amazes me ... a gigabit port and HDMI port ... 4 USb port...if i count in e-sata port too.I dont know why i got an e-sata port on my 1535 but it rocks... though i still have to confirm this.

Got excellent Noise isolation earbuds of creative,,, they cost 1.5k in market ... and they rock ... awesome quality and comfortable too...

A Black colored remote with good connection via infrared. Keys were very responsive ... Also got a bluetooth headset shipped free with the system .... it was well nicely audible and comfortable in range of around 9-10 metres.It got buttons for changing tracks or changing volumes with the system... its configurable with skype and any other call related application...

System is noise less... only sound i can hear is when i eject a dvd from my slot drive ... 2 days back for once i heard a very faint sound of fan .. but only for some time...In all its noiseless

Battery- 6 cell battery
charger - 90Watt
I was able to watch Seven samurai(Japanese) without recharging... with earbuds... at almost 70% brightness..its a 3 Hr movie... but cut down the intro part mine worked around 3hr(after movie finished - it showed 7 min remaining) in total after being fully charged,,,

ergnomics of keyboard is very good... good responsive keys as i type down this review... i am actually enjoying it ... Also keyboard boosts a backlit feature (can be accesed using fn + right arrow) .Backlit features two brightness mode and auto off incase you dont response to your keyboard for some time..

Sound of system is little lower for me ... given the case i am addicted to hearing loud music...but quality is fine ... Fear of the Dark- Iron maiden was quite audible and sounds were distinguishable of different riffs and guitar tones... so i would not say itss bad... rather its better than some other laptops i have worked on earlier in terms of quality. System also has an inbuilt mic.

Touchpad is little troublesome for me i am used to mice ... But i soon got adapted to it... My mom though found it hard to use.. :P . Its not very responsive in the end. One feature i would have wanted for every touchpad is the Turn On/off button for touchpad... as earlier i have worked on many laptops and while typing my right thumb would touch the touchpad... and my cursor would go to current position of mouse.. Though Studio laacks it... but i didnt found any such problem with this the touchpad is little toward the left side rather than at being middle.

There are some touch sensitive buttons on the upper part of keyboard..they are extremely once i needed to clean them resulted in all functions being processed all at once...They are good otherwise.. and tthey show White backlight when touched...impressive indeed...But it catches dust pretty quickly ... same is true for the speakers...just above the touch penal

Bluetooth and WIFI were working in awesome vista :) i had some problems working with them in ubuntu although actually starting them ... but once they were done ... everything went on smoothly...

I have Removed the installation done by Dell. Instead I have freshly installed the Vista. I didnt have any problem with installation of any drivers or any thing else. Dell provides a lot of bloatware on company installed systems. I also created some partitions. 50 GB - 80 GB - 80GB (all NTFS) -20GB(FAT32)

It takes around 35 sec to start in windows vista and 45 odd sec to boot in ubuntu from os option to start screen...

Soon I installed Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron on My laptop.The installation went on smoothly. At once .. it worked very well .. though i had to install ATI drivers from internet and some more drivers too.At first it took some problem with detecting my WIFI .. but later i was able to resolve it.

SO far its been awesome for me... little heated after being run for 8 Hrs continously.

Screen is tiltable to around 150 degrees... and still manages the view... Screen is pretty bright too.

It was shipped with Media Direct 4.0 and special Key for it too on touch sensitive penal... I am not impressed by the software though ... but i figured out ..i can use the touch key for something new.. still trying it though

Windows rating shows a 4.0 on account of graphics..

Counter strike 1.6 - I got Fps 100 constant ..
NFS most wanted - runned flawless on high details...
Half life 2 today!!

NO problem at all working in matlab and ProE/Solidworks.. these need high power and graphic memory

NO BACKPACK OR LAPTOP BAG ships with it ... :)
My friend got a 20pc off in Japan if u can ..get it from US or Japan ... In india i dont think dell wants to give any discounts.. Also discount coupons for Dell dont work in india... i would recommend from US ...

In all i am impressed ... except for some audio glitches which eventually got resolved after i reinstalled my drivers..I had some problem with the 2 audio jacks being provided... When i plugged earphone into one of it(nearer to HDMI port) ... and removed it ... the sound didnt shoot back from speaker ... untill i did the same for another jack .. and this happens everytime...I am yet to contact dell customer care...

Ergnomics - 8/10 - Heavy !! i wanted a lighter one ... may be 2.25KG, extra sensitive touch penal...
Features - 9/10 - I want a better graphic card ... Say ATI 3650 atleast... but CS still rocks on it :P
Value for money - 9/10 - No bagpack, need to ship some freebies..atleast to lure us :P

I was pretty much split in Xps and Sony vaio once... but when studio was launched ..i knew immediately it was the one!!! :D ... though its sad about dell that i had to wait 7 days before i can actually lay my hand on my
possession even after paying for it...

Another bad thing about dell is that they didnt gave me any numbers or site to contact incase my system is not responding well .. If Dell ppl are reading ... do something... atleast post your number here...for india

Also The complete cover guide i got .... did not mention Studio laptops(at all) being covered ... It was of make June and said only ab2 inspiron and other series... i guess at the time of its printing... studio was not even launched...guess .. they need to print a new one ...b4 they need to ship it ...

I dont think ... knowing a pc mark score or else matters (..atleast for me...)
Hope this helps for potential buyers....!!!!

I was a bit disappointed that i didnt wait for montevina ... but it was call of situation ... i gravely needed a laptop...i only know how long i waited for my laptop(7 days is too much ppl are u listening?)..but finally i am happy ... with a decent budget (1200 $ is not small)i was able to cash in on a pretty and feature rich desktop!!!

Pictures soon :P sorry for the typos :P

Soon would be posting my experience with Dell customer care too!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What the next day holds
eerie hopes or wordy toads
Just the Effigy
or the Esoteric Drone

Monday, June 2, 2008

Pessimism - looking forward...

If u see light in the tunnel
Its light of the incoming train ...

the glass for me is always half empty...some dumbster(some noted optimists) judge that my life is at mercy of time... and i will die early...

wtf..if i live to see two or three generations like a man who sits some time in the conjurer’s booth at a fair, and witnesses the performance twice or thrice in succession.... The tricks were meant to be seen only once; and when they are no longer a novelty and cease to deceive, their effect is gone.

but i know life do sucks and u will die for sure.. \m/

if u think m being nuts and out of my mind.. and i am ROFLing on u .. without being vexed and crippled to think ... u r welcomed in my hell ...

why m i being so eerie and eclectic..?

question is why shouldnt i be... ?

By not swallowing the grossly simplified advice of “be positive” and inhaling the fumes of so assumed doomed pessimism .. i stand apart ...

world war 1 was followed by another ... could optimism stop that ... time just watch u get scared and get optimistic ... evrything is universal .. and nothing is good \m/

nothing in this world is "BAD luck" .. its u and wats hampering u is ur optimism...i have stopped worrying about it ... even if i had been a moron(read optimistic) like u ... i could even not help it..

this is the worse world we live in ... and u should agree lest u r in the shackles of optimism .. u need my double edged sword \m/

I know of no greater absurdity than that propounded by most systems of philosophy in declaring evil to be negative in its character..... Evil is just what is positive; it makes its own existence felt..It is only in the microscope ....that our life looks so big. It is an indivisible point,,,, drawn out and magnified by the powerful lenses of Time and Space.

Wisdom which is only theoretical ....and never put into practice, is like a double rose; its color and perfume are delightful, but it withers away and leaves no seed.

No rose without a thorn. Yes, but many a thorn without a rose.

<< few words from a song>>
I close both locks below the window
I close both blinds and turn away
Sometimes solutions aren’t so simple
Sometimes good bye’s the only away

waiting for the hell :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Time of realization ...

Nation wide red alert

If only my words can pay homage to those died ...

" I felt like stabbed in my heart "
But words wont matter the damage is done..
Actually I felt a bit different than any attack that might have taken place anywhere else in India ... looks like i am favoring state over nation... taking them to be mutually exclusive ... well its time for self realization .. :)

A new cs>>>> map de_jaipur ... 6 bomb sites... 8 blasts + 2 diffuses 14th

I was dumb enough to decide my day of return to Jaipur the very next day...... I had an illegal taxi and 5 state borders to cross.. :P

and guess Wat?

not even a single stop/check by police ... i felt pity for the nation ...
Gosh I realized i know my nation very well ..


Monday, April 7, 2008


Swindled i felt as the dusk spawned
life increasingly monotonous,
ohh i m alone
nowhere to go,
no one to see
i felt just sitting under a bald tree
a familiar sound pierced my ears
someone was crying,
it pained to hear
tried my eyes outreah the direction of event
but i wat i found resulted in fear
is it really what it appears
and wanting to contradict my discovery
my mind decided it to be a mystery
I can shut my eyes and still see
freaking me ,
freaking out of unknown ecstasy
can i bear the brunt of this attack?
face up and spirits intact
the dream ends as the end starts
often i wish,
i had played right the cards
jus one wish - before i retire
i want to go back and refire!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Its me .... its real me ...

every word in this is correct...its about me... :)

i hate spam... though i myself send'em
i hate lies.. though i myself lie..
i hate noise...though i myself noise..
i hate life...though i m living it..
i hate me..thats what m gud at..

i luv to sleep,sleep n dream big...
i luv to eat..but only tasty food..
i luv to have fun...n thats ruining me..
i luv to be m still a kiddo..
i luv to be lazy...n m expert at it..
i luv to b dragged...dragged to da work..

sad but true ..
m just another brick in the wall...
no peculiarities..
no specialities...

my doc says this is depression
my mom says its me
some call me psycho
other call it imaginary.

some where in this
realizes my austere soul
'has gone the gud ol'Me'

but evrytime,I hide the pain
I carry on ...
follow my day ... n i m back home

day by day
m locking the pain inside...
waitin for that one day
when that gonna explode..

how can i live
with a ton on my head
a ticking bomb at my back
a pain in heart..

No i Can't

Friday, November 2, 2007

My idea of perfect Match

Dated:2 Nov 2007
helped by: 2hrs extra lecture of NKJ

Amongst the ocean of swarming hearts
I still long for one
the one
that controls the sea

Metting my melody of love
I should understand her lyrics
warmth in her eyes
would leave me pacified

Magic of her words
would impound a realization in me
a realization
of dimensions new yet unique

She be understanding, she be crude
to be original and of glowing attitude
she be different , she be bright
afterall its the wisdom she would imbibe

She will blabber to me her heart
all her feeling left apart
locus of her thought
stay rthymatic in my heart

This quest of figuring out, will never end
untill a qualified one, read this and stands
stands to speak, speak her heart
heart flooded with love, love that'll last
last forever
last forever

Monday, October 1, 2007


By: Mukul
Date: [2!!! October!!! 2k7]

Smiled the baleful cause
Enigmatic the erratic became
Arose again those awry look
Time it ‘as
To celebrate the glow of pugnacious flame

Stood among the devil’s crowd
A crowd of bellicose behemoths
Dressed in vulgar fury
To ride the bawdy death
They roared, marched elating their baroque

Immaculate their power, audacious their will
Started the massacre near that mill
Plunder left none but the stains
Blood in color and blackish like death

Bards stop rhyming, ridiculing events
Life got hell
Only death to smell, its fear to inhale
Even thoughts got killed their blood spilled..
Vociferous their power,
Can it be stopped?
Dared not anyone
Rescue this thought!!!

Avarice grew to their size …
This gonna cost’em lives
The boom turned bane …
Power against power
Everyone Insane … n more blood stain..!!!!

Ignited this a gamble with crown
Mutual war was on cards
Shouted the Leader-Lets attire, Lets attire!!!
Win mean a loss, Smiled the gods!!
It’s time to win!!!