Wednesday, August 19, 2009


fuming the thoughts to ashes!!
arrived my latest thought
'ts been a mystic voyage..
through the paradoxical cloud!!

Was it real or was it sad??
could anyone decide!!
had they known the fact!!

felt like being in the other mirror
a tangent universe, in the pressure to swell out
become the chord, occupy the emptiness
was it hallucination??
or it's just the begining of anachronism!!

the smoke was never so clear
the water was never so transparent
the ice never so gentle
how more mysterious it can get
was i dreaming or it was total mosfet!!

my desires have been exaggerated for ever
but why a sudden surge .. to appease them all
sensed my senses, the begining of senses been numbed
comatic mind, could not hold for anymore!!

As i woke up from my warped sleep
i could sense a gush of knowledge
few things are meant to be clear
and even fewer serve the sentence of time

i just knew, no one knows the it!!
the it, if it ever becomes evident
will raise questions, about the truth

the truth, unaware of the (self)opinion
will always strangle between the
threads of realism and ideology

noumena and phenomenon, though unaccounted
are the two rolling wheels
balancing and tilting, ephimerely
end of trip is always evident
though the time emerges to be the winner.

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