Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Caged Thoughts

Standing amidst the corridor
Haunted around by cages
Stinking smell of rusted iron,
Cursed all its slaves

Pricked by horns
Screwed as if wrong
I stood reckless
Helpless and distressed
Waiting for the death

Life left nothing in store
But to lay still, and die

Come O’ deadly death
Rescue me from chains
Of life and misery
Oblige me for my sins

Thought pierced into my past
Sense lost, mind still whirled
Shivered my whole body,
In fear and more fear

There comes the harbinger of death
Get ready dude!
Take your last breath
Oh! You sobbing mob,
Take me to the death
Take me to the death.

Breaking the silence

With debris all around
Buildings licking ground
The cradle of death
Smoked and astound

Sense of chaos
Inhaled my lungs
I crawled,
Struggled for myself

Pricked a steel piece
Made me to shout
No hands came up
To save my two

Shivered my soul
Like a melancholy, Beethoven sang
Pressed against the wall
Restless and distressed,

People talking without speaking
Listening without hearing
It’s all in there eyes
Their demise
And the world’s disguise

Fly, envious Time,
Till u run out the race

What I will do?
If no one is left to kill
So some please
Break the silence,
Break the silence.

Someone please,
Break the rules, Make some noise

Lost in Life

On a shore of an island,
The waves roared the mighty rocks,
And sun’s warmth pierced the sand;
I cried out,
Of loneliness but pain.

Blood dropped like wine,
Clotted, and shined
Still a dreadful sign.

There was a gamble at hand,
Living at the mercy of island,
Trees and Breeze couldn’t help my solace,
Still a drop of hope,
Echoed my empty vessel.

I should learn to live with hopes,
Hopes that I’m against hopen.
Life pieces are torn for ever,
Misery tightens its web, clever and clever.

Tired I am, squared I am,
By life, by fate;
Lonely vigil still I keep
Will that I might sleep.

Thoughts grew wilder n wilder,
Extremities reached.
Like a drought, crushing courage out
Heavier than doubt,

Dawn I felt the dewy bed,
Come O’ Sleep
Take me under your shade
Don’t let fear overtake.

Next day the water wake me up,
Ghost must die away
It is the day,
Dark thoughts will tear apart
Now, only my soul will decide!!!!