Saturday, July 10, 2010

Some great Music sites I came to know about

These are all perfectly legal :


great site to find similar artist and believe me their engine works good. Though u cant just point out a song and play it, still there are some songs whose little parts u can hear.
U can also look out the events near to ur area(concert/music fests etc) and call discuss with ppl about it. I am
scrobbling: wat ever u listen .. gets taken into consideration and u are recommended on basis of that also.

2. Deezer
Just write the name of song and most probably it will pop up!! U can make ur playlist for later use. But at times(though rarely), they are removed from deezer.
Drawbacks :radio not good as

same as deezer, some friend of mine told me that its actually better than deezer in terms of holding its contents for longer time.

I find it better than Deezer and jewa. organized in a better way, still young and evolving