Thursday, June 28, 2007

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My precious...

DoNt expect a spicy blog....and plz me not a err is human...and that too in english is indian ...hehe

An everlasting feel of the trip still remains..... the bodies that are scarce to be seen here in roorkee remain floating in front of my eyes.... fresh air and large trees were largely pacifying and a treat in summer time. Our expert team .... comprising of given a nickname sannata shaktimaan), pondy(THE PJ KING of the tour), muski, dheela ,bhutani(Our heeero ...tushar kapoor) and chuha(new entry in a mechanical majority) sailed out from barran land to hills.The journey was largely controlled by non sense comments of Pj king and his subordinate muski.

1. Dalhousie

places meant for rambling: maaaaaaaaal road....and nothing else
Eye candies and delicacies welcomed us in dalhousie. Whole day journey extinguished when
lavish bounties and bodies were seen floating in the market. Finally we settled down and
went for the hunt.Then began the game of letters..... which continued throughout the
tour....various new acronyms appeared like SSTM , S^15M , TB ,HB .... (these one's were needed frequently).

Dalhousie was excusite and eye catching.We played hide and seek with the crowd(U know wat i mean).The only Low point was to visit chamba .... it had nothing to offer except some temples...(i m religious ... omg..)


place meant for site seeing .... one dirty lake orchard(a fine small trek)....
and then there was cream on the ice .....2 buses full of opposite sex....accompanied us....
we have to largely control muski , bhutani and ourselves not to go astray

3.Mc leod Ganj
the place meant for us:
heard ab2 it alot ...that "u will find hippies doping and playing guitars....."
but wat we found was lotta hippies ...lotta doping ...lotta maal....but no guitar...
we were even happy in that ....

more over that chuha managed us to get into a intelluctual bakar and a senti discussion ....with chuha himself , muski and sherry on brim of inebriety....

after 2 days of non stop peeping ...and eve-teasing as some might call it... we surrendered and flew back ...

we found a new fren ... chuha ...we enjoyed the trip ...

there is lot to go .... but may be in my next blog post ....

Friday, June 1, 2007

unnamed yet

Incredulous benevolence and satisfaction

Is what decorates a poor’s life

Poor though only by penny

Yet DESPIED by the rich

Their pride left challenged

But worse

Poorer hate’em

For being despised

Cry, they often to be hated

Seems to them, the distant

As happy as ever.

But is it??

As a rule of this complicated world

But simpler it goes:-

The Master hates the slave and

The slave despise them

So who’s superior? Prince or Pauper


There are questions unfolded,

And their answers a misery

The truth awaits the deserving

And deserving still waits,

Waits for a signal

That never turned green….

Will it??? EVER

Better it would be

To be hated and hated

So no pain, pains in ur heart

So that no emotion, remote what-so- ever

Can twinkle

When you want it dark

Better it would be

To free urself from aviary

Think as you have always thought

Free of lacuna, freed from desire

What creates a masterpiece

Is the ugliness

The creator fears of

His dreams entrapped, dreaming integrity

Mixed in miserable proportion,

The clay as it seems

Awaits its destiny

To be loved and adored

As misery and as art


Think free and for ur self respect

Rather being martyr to impossible

Maintain sanity

To be hated

And learn integrity

For being hated

Hated I am and

Hated I always want to be

To be me

To be myself