Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ode of truth

Date:18 August 2k7
Inspiration : Gandhi boring lecture of fluids

Mournful and grateful
we must be
to our heartbeat
that died waiting in queue
to let us live and live good

trapped in a cemented apiary
they swarmed and buzzed for years
just to live a moment and die
rendering us alive

Our life's their biography
can't we show our gratitude!!
being joyous
and living fullest the sacrifice

every seventieth of a second
I can hear them die
Out of the accumulating ashes in my heart
reborns the pain of sorrow

i wished they lived long
not that i am sad again
oh! I want to live more
ah! you consider me selfish
but thats what make us sapient.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Those Eyes

Totally imaginative... and nothing to do with me....

Spied I, on her eyes
Seemed they're lost in something
Yet they encompassed every emotion
as sky over the head

Adored I, in my mind
their silent alacrity
alchemy do exist, thought myself
as I watched them blink

Deeper I thought , viscous they seemed
Harder it became to stir ma thoughts
Even aegis of her eyes
fascinated my thinking thought.

Abeyance of my constant stare
marked by her sudden turn
Left me agaped and dumbfolded

Feeling the guilt,seeking the amnesty
I turned and moved
continuing my thought, my thoughtS
of her eyes, the worthy prize.