Friday, December 14, 2007

Its me .... its real me ...

every word in this is correct...its about me... :)

i hate spam... though i myself send'em
i hate lies.. though i myself lie..
i hate noise...though i myself noise..
i hate life...though i m living it..
i hate me..thats what m gud at..

i luv to sleep,sleep n dream big...
i luv to eat..but only tasty food..
i luv to have fun...n thats ruining me..
i luv to be m still a kiddo..
i luv to be lazy...n m expert at it..
i luv to b dragged...dragged to da work..

sad but true ..
m just another brick in the wall...
no peculiarities..
no specialities...

my doc says this is depression
my mom says its me
some call me psycho
other call it imaginary.

some where in this
realizes my austere soul
'has gone the gud ol'Me'

but evrytime,I hide the pain
I carry on ...
follow my day ... n i m back home

day by day
m locking the pain inside...
waitin for that one day
when that gonna explode..

how can i live
with a ton on my head
a ticking bomb at my back
a pain in heart..

No i Can't

Friday, November 2, 2007

My idea of perfect Match

Dated:2 Nov 2007
helped by: 2hrs extra lecture of NKJ

Amongst the ocean of swarming hearts
I still long for one
the one
that controls the sea

Metting my melody of love
I should understand her lyrics
warmth in her eyes
would leave me pacified

Magic of her words
would impound a realization in me
a realization
of dimensions new yet unique

She be understanding, she be crude
to be original and of glowing attitude
she be different , she be bright
afterall its the wisdom she would imbibe

She will blabber to me her heart
all her feeling left apart
locus of her thought
stay rthymatic in my heart

This quest of figuring out, will never end
untill a qualified one, read this and stands
stands to speak, speak her heart
heart flooded with love, love that'll last
last forever
last forever

Monday, October 1, 2007


By: Mukul
Date: [2!!! October!!! 2k7]

Smiled the baleful cause
Enigmatic the erratic became
Arose again those awry look
Time it ‘as
To celebrate the glow of pugnacious flame

Stood among the devil’s crowd
A crowd of bellicose behemoths
Dressed in vulgar fury
To ride the bawdy death
They roared, marched elating their baroque

Immaculate their power, audacious their will
Started the massacre near that mill
Plunder left none but the stains
Blood in color and blackish like death

Bards stop rhyming, ridiculing events
Life got hell
Only death to smell, its fear to inhale
Even thoughts got killed their blood spilled..
Vociferous their power,
Can it be stopped?
Dared not anyone
Rescue this thought!!!

Avarice grew to their size …
This gonna cost’em lives
The boom turned bane …
Power against power
Everyone Insane … n more blood stain..!!!!

Ignited this a gamble with crown
Mutual war was on cards
Shouted the Leader-Lets attire, Lets attire!!!
Win mean a loss, Smiled the gods!!
It’s time to win!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ode of truth

Date:18 August 2k7
Inspiration : Gandhi boring lecture of fluids

Mournful and grateful
we must be
to our heartbeat
that died waiting in queue
to let us live and live good

trapped in a cemented apiary
they swarmed and buzzed for years
just to live a moment and die
rendering us alive

Our life's their biography
can't we show our gratitude!!
being joyous
and living fullest the sacrifice

every seventieth of a second
I can hear them die
Out of the accumulating ashes in my heart
reborns the pain of sorrow

i wished they lived long
not that i am sad again
oh! I want to live more
ah! you consider me selfish
but thats what make us sapient.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Those Eyes

Totally imaginative... and nothing to do with me....

Spied I, on her eyes
Seemed they're lost in something
Yet they encompassed every emotion
as sky over the head

Adored I, in my mind
their silent alacrity
alchemy do exist, thought myself
as I watched them blink

Deeper I thought , viscous they seemed
Harder it became to stir ma thoughts
Even aegis of her eyes
fascinated my thinking thought.

Abeyance of my constant stare
marked by her sudden turn
Left me agaped and dumbfolded

Feeling the guilt,seeking the amnesty
I turned and moved
continuing my thought, my thoughtS
of her eyes, the worthy prize.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Pills of Humor

Statuary warning: Read at ur own risk .... mental trauma caused as .... a result of this(which cant b avoided) not my responsibilty

Increasing decrease in senseless jokes(some ppl call them PJ's) has forced me 2 write this.... Evryone is welcomed to work out pj's from my literary work.I have decided to put on the best ones of week on the blog..... njoi brainstorming :o .... :)

most of them ...have contributed my shameful frens...who have turned me into their alike... some are original....n some ....listened/read

best one of week : julieeeeee.... aaaahhaaa ..julie ...luv...u

there were two sisters.... hahaha
Julie and Sulie
dono judwa nahi thi....
jo cheez julie pas hoti thi ...
wo suli ko ... chahiye hoti thi..
both got married ....
julie 2 a wealthier man ...
and sulie in a middle class family...
now ... julie .. bought a frrrrizzzzzz
sulie ... some how persuaded her husband ..and
they ... having their expenses cut... bought it...
then ....some days later ...julie bought a car ...
sulie ... ko bhi ...ab wahi ..leni thi ... badi mushkil se... savings wagairah ... laga ke ...
car bhi khareed di....

ab kuch dino baad ... julie bought a bus
ab ....sulie ko bhi wahi lene ki machi ...
but husband wont agree...
so ... she took divorce from him ... got a gud amount of alimony
finally bought a bus...

kuch dino baad dono .. apni apni bus main ...beach pe jati hain ... picinic ke liye
peeche se ... bus main se sab chorri ho jata hai ... khali ...bus ek dam khali ... seat ...steerin ...wagairah sab gayab ....

toh batao ....what sulie ...says to julie........????hahahahahahahahha

highlight this thing for answer ".. Naa kuch tere bus main julie ... naa kuch meri bus main ... ...."

ohhh .... plz ... come back to this world...

njoied... welcome to comment ..

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Surving the ordeal

Blogging I m not for glory but ahem
Placed among top 7 , Taj shined as before
Surmounted unprecedented beauty in its store
Of love, of faith
Stood there it is ….

Did it or rather all monuments or historical marvels deserve the destiny of re-evaluation to prove their worth?

Firstly do we all know what “seven wonders “ are :….
The 'Seven Wonders of the World' (or the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World) is a widely-known list of seven remarkable manmade constructions of classical antiquity. It was based on guide-books popular among Hellenic sight-seers and only includes works located around the Mediterranean rim. Later lists include those for the Medieval World and the Modern World.

Lets ponder on few points that I wanted from long to share…
1. What the need for it? Without your vote the architectural marvel would still be marvelous. Who are we to decide.
2. Who is that non – profit organization to decide this … I seriously doubt its fairness.
3. The organization has succeeded in catching attention and heavy traffic to its site full of ads and banners. They gonna earn big time for rest of their life from this campaign.
4. Did u all know that these are the original(traditional) wonders…and only one of them survives today:-
The historian Herodotus (ca 484-425 BC), and the scholar Callimachus of Cyrene (ca 305-240 BC) at the Museum of Alexandria, made early lists of "seven wonders" but their writings did not survive, except as references.

The list included:
The Great Pyramid of Giza, built around 2650-2500 BC as the tomb of fourth dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, built around 600 BC. Herodotus claimed that the outer walls were 56 miles in length, 80 feet thick and 320 feet high. Believed destroyed by earthquake.

The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, built 550 BC and dedicated to the Greek goddess Artemis. Burned down in 356 BC.

The Statue of Zeus at Olympia, erected in 435 BC and 12 metres (40 feet) tall. It was dismantled by Christian rulers in the 5th or 6th centuries to discourage paganism.

The Mausoleum of Maussollos at Halicarnassus in what is now southeast Turkey, built in 351 BC and approximately 45 metres (135 feet) tall. Each of its four sides was adorned with reliefs. Origin of the word mausoleum. Damaged by an earthquake and destroyed by AD 1494 by European Crusaders.

The Colossus of Rhodes, built 292-280 BC. A giant bronze statue of the Greek god Helios, roughly the same size as today's Statue of Liberty in New York. Destroyed in 224 BC by earthquake.

The Lighthouse of Alexandria, built in 3rd century BC Egypt. At 115-135 metres (380-440 feet) tall it was among the tallest man-made structures on Earth for many centuries. Destroyed in the Middle Ages by earthquake.

As u can see all are of Greek background . The list we know has been made in medival ages and its authenticity is not known.

5. Modern lists
In the tradition of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, many other lists of wonders have been proposed, including both human feats of engineering and wonders of Nature. However, these lists are rather informal, and there is no consensus on any particular list.
Modern wonders
The American Society of Civil Engineers compiled another list of wonders of the modern world:
Wonder Date Started Date Finished Locations
Channel Tunnel December 1, 1987 May 6, 1994 Strait of Dover, between England and France

CN Tower February 6, 1973 June 26, 1976 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Empire State Building January 22, 1930 May 1, 1931 New York, New York, USA

Golden Gate Bridge January 5, 1933 May 27, 1937 Golden Gate Strait, north of San Francisco, California, USA
Itaipu Dam January 1970 May 5, 1984 ParanĂ¡ River, between Brazil and Paraguay

Delta Works 1953 May 10, 1997 Netherlands, Europe
Panama Canal January 1, 1880 January 7, 1914 Isthmus of Panama, Central America

Note: To date we are counting TAJ MAHAL as one of the seven wonders…. But it is actually a tourist travel wonder.

Courtesy : Modern List data has been copied directly from wiki.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Now sms and call free ....

I am giving direct links .... for some of my favourite sites ....

u need to register first ... and then u can send unlimited free msgs...
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My precious...

DoNt expect a spicy blog....and plz me not a err is human...and that too in english is indian ...hehe

An everlasting feel of the trip still remains..... the bodies that are scarce to be seen here in roorkee remain floating in front of my eyes.... fresh air and large trees were largely pacifying and a treat in summer time. Our expert team .... comprising of given a nickname sannata shaktimaan), pondy(THE PJ KING of the tour), muski, dheela ,bhutani(Our heeero ...tushar kapoor) and chuha(new entry in a mechanical majority) sailed out from barran land to hills.The journey was largely controlled by non sense comments of Pj king and his subordinate muski.

1. Dalhousie

places meant for rambling: maaaaaaaaal road....and nothing else
Eye candies and delicacies welcomed us in dalhousie. Whole day journey extinguished when
lavish bounties and bodies were seen floating in the market. Finally we settled down and
went for the hunt.Then began the game of letters..... which continued throughout the
tour....various new acronyms appeared like SSTM , S^15M , TB ,HB .... (these one's were needed frequently).

Dalhousie was excusite and eye catching.We played hide and seek with the crowd(U know wat i mean).The only Low point was to visit chamba .... it had nothing to offer except some temples...(i m religious ... omg..)


place meant for site seeing .... one dirty lake orchard(a fine small trek)....
and then there was cream on the ice .....2 buses full of opposite sex....accompanied us....
we have to largely control muski , bhutani and ourselves not to go astray

3.Mc leod Ganj
the place meant for us:
heard ab2 it alot ...that "u will find hippies doping and playing guitars....."
but wat we found was lotta hippies ...lotta doping ...lotta maal....but no guitar...
we were even happy in that ....

more over that chuha managed us to get into a intelluctual bakar and a senti discussion ....with chuha himself , muski and sherry on brim of inebriety....

after 2 days of non stop peeping ...and eve-teasing as some might call it... we surrendered and flew back ...

we found a new fren ... chuha ...we enjoyed the trip ...

there is lot to go .... but may be in my next blog post ....

Friday, June 1, 2007

unnamed yet

Incredulous benevolence and satisfaction

Is what decorates a poor’s life

Poor though only by penny

Yet DESPIED by the rich

Their pride left challenged

But worse

Poorer hate’em

For being despised

Cry, they often to be hated

Seems to them, the distant

As happy as ever.

But is it??

As a rule of this complicated world

But simpler it goes:-

The Master hates the slave and

The slave despise them

So who’s superior? Prince or Pauper


There are questions unfolded,

And their answers a misery

The truth awaits the deserving

And deserving still waits,

Waits for a signal

That never turned green….

Will it??? EVER

Better it would be

To be hated and hated

So no pain, pains in ur heart

So that no emotion, remote what-so- ever

Can twinkle

When you want it dark

Better it would be

To free urself from aviary

Think as you have always thought

Free of lacuna, freed from desire

What creates a masterpiece

Is the ugliness

The creator fears of

His dreams entrapped, dreaming integrity

Mixed in miserable proportion,

The clay as it seems

Awaits its destiny

To be loved and adored

As misery and as art


Think free and for ur self respect

Rather being martyr to impossible

Maintain sanity

To be hated

And learn integrity

For being hated

Hated I am and

Hated I always want to be

To be me

To be myself

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Caged Thoughts

Standing amidst the corridor
Haunted around by cages
Stinking smell of rusted iron,
Cursed all its slaves

Pricked by horns
Screwed as if wrong
I stood reckless
Helpless and distressed
Waiting for the death

Life left nothing in store
But to lay still, and die

Come O’ deadly death
Rescue me from chains
Of life and misery
Oblige me for my sins

Thought pierced into my past
Sense lost, mind still whirled
Shivered my whole body,
In fear and more fear

There comes the harbinger of death
Get ready dude!
Take your last breath
Oh! You sobbing mob,
Take me to the death
Take me to the death.

Breaking the silence

With debris all around
Buildings licking ground
The cradle of death
Smoked and astound

Sense of chaos
Inhaled my lungs
I crawled,
Struggled for myself

Pricked a steel piece
Made me to shout
No hands came up
To save my two

Shivered my soul
Like a melancholy, Beethoven sang
Pressed against the wall
Restless and distressed,

People talking without speaking
Listening without hearing
It’s all in there eyes
Their demise
And the world’s disguise

Fly, envious Time,
Till u run out the race

What I will do?
If no one is left to kill
So some please
Break the silence,
Break the silence.

Someone please,
Break the rules, Make some noise

Lost in Life

On a shore of an island,
The waves roared the mighty rocks,
And sun’s warmth pierced the sand;
I cried out,
Of loneliness but pain.

Blood dropped like wine,
Clotted, and shined
Still a dreadful sign.

There was a gamble at hand,
Living at the mercy of island,
Trees and Breeze couldn’t help my solace,
Still a drop of hope,
Echoed my empty vessel.

I should learn to live with hopes,
Hopes that I’m against hopen.
Life pieces are torn for ever,
Misery tightens its web, clever and clever.

Tired I am, squared I am,
By life, by fate;
Lonely vigil still I keep
Will that I might sleep.

Thoughts grew wilder n wilder,
Extremities reached.
Like a drought, crushing courage out
Heavier than doubt,

Dawn I felt the dewy bed,
Come O’ Sleep
Take me under your shade
Don’t let fear overtake.

Next day the water wake me up,
Ghost must die away
It is the day,
Dark thoughts will tear apart
Now, only my soul will decide!!!!