Friday, December 14, 2007

Its me .... its real me ...

every word in this is correct...its about me... :)

i hate spam... though i myself send'em
i hate lies.. though i myself lie..
i hate noise...though i myself noise..
i hate life...though i m living it..
i hate me..thats what m gud at..

i luv to sleep,sleep n dream big...
i luv to eat..but only tasty food..
i luv to have fun...n thats ruining me..
i luv to be m still a kiddo..
i luv to be lazy...n m expert at it..
i luv to b dragged...dragged to da work..

sad but true ..
m just another brick in the wall...
no peculiarities..
no specialities...

my doc says this is depression
my mom says its me
some call me psycho
other call it imaginary.

some where in this
realizes my austere soul
'has gone the gud ol'Me'

but evrytime,I hide the pain
I carry on ...
follow my day ... n i m back home

day by day
m locking the pain inside...
waitin for that one day
when that gonna explode..

how can i live
with a ton on my head
a ticking bomb at my back
a pain in heart..

No i Can't

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Phyliss said...

Thanks for writing this.