Friday, November 2, 2007

My idea of perfect Match

Dated:2 Nov 2007
helped by: 2hrs extra lecture of NKJ

Amongst the ocean of swarming hearts
I still long for one
the one
that controls the sea

Metting my melody of love
I should understand her lyrics
warmth in her eyes
would leave me pacified

Magic of her words
would impound a realization in me
a realization
of dimensions new yet unique

She be understanding, she be crude
to be original and of glowing attitude
she be different , she be bright
afterall its the wisdom she would imbibe

She will blabber to me her heart
all her feeling left apart
locus of her thought
stay rthymatic in my heart

This quest of figuring out, will never end
untill a qualified one, read this and stands
stands to speak, speak her heart
heart flooded with love, love that'll last
last forever
last forever

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