Sunday, January 30, 2011

Part 1: Down at the great pyramid

There we were, at the last step of the amazing race- the only difference being that we wanted to succeed in it together. It was a moment for which we have yearned for long, yet at the verge of it, we didn't wanted to go through with it.

It was at that instant that those past memories- happy, sad or mixed intertwined in most unexpected disproportions flashed back in front of our eyes. Totally amazed by the over bubbling emotions, some eyes moistened and some memories rolled down the cheeks at that moment. Well life’s a complicated mélange of emotions and there we had them all.

Parting resolutions to stay in touch forever, rendezvous time and again, could only pacify a little the increasingly sinking feeling. Some of us were really scared; some excited looking forward to a new life and a few like me were resisting the thought of change that was about to visit them in their lives.

Sometimes we just can’t give reasons that won’t sound like excuses but those reflect sometimes the truth of life and I believe that those moments in our lives will remain trapped as treasured memories.

(dedicated to our time together fellas)

Part 2: Kashmir (soon)