Monday, October 1, 2007


By: Mukul
Date: [2!!! October!!! 2k7]

Smiled the baleful cause
Enigmatic the erratic became
Arose again those awry look
Time it ‘as
To celebrate the glow of pugnacious flame

Stood among the devil’s crowd
A crowd of bellicose behemoths
Dressed in vulgar fury
To ride the bawdy death
They roared, marched elating their baroque

Immaculate their power, audacious their will
Started the massacre near that mill
Plunder left none but the stains
Blood in color and blackish like death

Bards stop rhyming, ridiculing events
Life got hell
Only death to smell, its fear to inhale
Even thoughts got killed their blood spilled..
Vociferous their power,
Can it be stopped?
Dared not anyone
Rescue this thought!!!

Avarice grew to their size …
This gonna cost’em lives
The boom turned bane …
Power against power
Everyone Insane … n more blood stain..!!!!

Ignited this a gamble with crown
Mutual war was on cards
Shouted the Leader-Lets attire, Lets attire!!!
Win mean a loss, Smiled the gods!!
It’s time to win!!!