Sunday, August 9, 2009

blog goes dark!! wait for me!!

I once thought, i will never wrote again on this blog but guess what learning french binds me in love with english!! so guess wat .. m back... just a little creepy for the New Begining!! As you all know .... Its a new begining every time!!

I know, its dark!!

drank my soul the last brink of sanguine fluid!!
still it was sober, it wanted more
to experience the thought,
the thought of leaving no thoughts alive!!
Soul pleaded the devil
Let me free, from shackles of optimism
O'satan, bestow the kind shade
of evil, soaked in red flood
blood me with anger and agony
apathy and disharmony, i will rain myself
letme host the unborn, lemme kill the wood!!
come O'dark apocalyptic aura
tout les maux, bienvenue
party in graveyard grace!!
behold the cruel ones, till i show my face!!

1 comment:

Sourabh said...

The part which I could understand was cant say anything :P