Monday, January 5, 2009

Untitled (not korn wise)


Sprouting desires of my mind
I am yet to figure'em out
I have longed long to think
what really makes them proud

Painted I struggle in thoughtless parables
to stand the pressing shackles
only thrust being my faithless aim
I continue my journey to pine
to see just one reason to shine

ashamed belligerence of my heart
battles the whim of bizarre mind
should my earthen soul pain?
should my eyes rain? should the tears drain?

living my dream may be easy
but looking for a dream to dream
tires me, I hence decide
dream of other is what i'll stole
not for myself, but for their smile!!


What's in a name? said...

"looking for a dream to dream
tires me" blatantly true....the worst reality of life put across in the best way ! nice !

Mukul said...

hehe thanks for
1. visitin
2. then replyin
3. that too appreciating :P


Anonymous said...

kya be... tu yeh Poetry etc. bhi karta hai... kabhi bataya nahin tune...

anyway good to see that, tu nth degree ke liye lyrics kyon nahin compose kar deta.

honestly, looks like you are good at it. Why don't you reach out to other poetry blogs/groups etc. and get some fame for your good work.

Anonymous said...

arre yaar.. abv comment is by me, Arpit Tambi.

Ankit said...

keep it up..!!

Mukul ;) said...

@tambi thanks but u c... m just another brink in the wall

@ankit .. thanks bro