Monday, August 31, 2009

creepy stuff again

its cold and I hate myself
for i hoped for a warmer winter
as hope, I usually hope
turn against the hope hopen

i heard people shout,
Green house effect
green house effect
Where are thou? Are you afraid

Use CFC's a lot
burn the hole
make some slots
petrol, gasoline may also help
CO2; NO2; SO2 .. clean the ozone scalp

let the sun-UV come
let the warmth spread
if the icebers melts, if the water rise!!
you cant help .. so stare and stare

you can make some noise
but why should we?
i think
We have a lot of choice

you need to listen to me
its not that i can harm you any...
but you dont want another of this
to play with, and pamper your wits...