Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The speaking ones!!

not hostile but unaware
passing smiles through the vibrance of air
certainly they portray a sense of care
I couldn't help, but stare and stare

they were pleading for a cause
I couldn't help but think
Just didn't knew
Why not even an involuntary blink??

The quest is to figure the cause out
Can it rain??
in this hour of drought!!
Can that Pill?
Work, Take my pain

Speculations and guesses
buzzed my mind
I like them sad
smiling or even merciless

perfection cant be bestowed
in a better form than this
admirably voluble yet reticent
motionless yet anime!!

bewildered, I would like them to see once
to be themselves,
More I spy, I come to see
the unreal market and the shopping spree

Let spill it out!!
will you please ??
who are u... who u want to be
please be silent
shut the speech!!

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