Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Time of realization ...

Nation wide red alert

If only my words can pay homage to those died ...

" I felt like stabbed in my heart "
But words wont matter anymore..as the damage is done..
Actually I felt a bit different than any attack that might have taken place anywhere else in India ... looks like i am favoring state over nation... taking them to be mutually exclusive ... well its time for self realization .. :)

A new cs>>>> map de_jaipur ... 6 bomb sites... 8 blasts + 2 diffuses ...date 14th

I was dumb enough to decide my day of return to Jaipur the very next day...... I had an illegal taxi and 5 state borders to cross.. :P

and guess Wat?

not even a single stop/check by police ... i felt pity for the nation ...
Gosh I realized i know my nation very well ..


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